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Schares Landscaping specializes in light excavation and grading services tailored to both residential and commercial needs across Iowa. Our expertise extends to foundation digs and repairs, backfills, pond excavation, trenching, drainage, and other light excavation tasks. We are a one stop shop for whatever your project needs, from existing grass to turn key new seeding. Trusting us from beginning to end, there’s no need to hire an excavator and landscaper. At Schares Landscaping we handle it all! We’re equipped to access those hard-to-reach and tight access areas, promising precision and efficiency in every project. Our focus on smaller, intricate jobs allows us to provide personalized attention and solutions for projects that get ignored by bigger companies, making our services perfect for foundation repairs, tile line work, and other specialized excavation needs.

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Foundation Excavation

Specialized in foundation digs for home additions or repairs, ensuring a stable base for your construction projects.
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Residential drainage

Problems with downspout drains or wet areas in your yard? Ask about our tailored drainage solutions.
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Light Excavation

We can handle any light excavation task that is perfect for more intricate jobs requiring a careful and precise approach, like trenching and drainage services.
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Grading Services

We deliver precision grading for landscaping and construction projects to provide proper drainage and foundation stability.

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Why Choose Schares Landscaping For Excavation?

Tailored Solutions

We offer tailored excavation solutions, considering each project’s unique requirements and ensuring the best outcome.

Advanced Techniques

Utilizing advanced techniques and equipment for maximum precision and efficiency at every job.

Expert Team

Our team of experts brings years of experience and knowledge to deliver top-quality workmanship in all excavation and grading tasks.

Getting Digging Today

Are the big companies dodging your calls? With Schares Excavation, no job is too small or too tricky. Contact us today and let us handle your light excavation, grading, and drainage needs at prices you can afford.